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September 28, 2005

My Spot News vs. The Setonian & The Communicator

When reflecting on my spot news experience on the Honors Convocation and comparing to articles on the same subject, I would have to say that the article in The Communicator looks quite a bit like the rough draft of my article. It was pretty much a straight narrative of what happened in chronological order.

When I compared my spot news to the article in The Setonian I think the most significant thing I realized is how stories on the same event can be so different. I guess that is the importance of the "angle" of a story though isn't it? I focused on something different than the author of the article in The Setonian. I focused mostly on the impressions and reactions of the freshmen about the tradition, where as the Setonian author wrote more about the awards given out.

Yet, despite our different angles, we still included similar elements. For example, we both wrote about the guest speaker and his speech.

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