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September 7, 2005

Random thoughts about...well, stuff

I think I am the biggest procrastinator in the world! It is midnight and I still have work to do for tomorrow! My excuse to myself is that I was sick all weekend (stupid community living and sick roommates...I love you Alison!) and still have a sore throat and sound like a frog when I talk, if I can even talk at all. I think I am always the last one to post blog entries for my Drama as Lit class, and I have still been doing it on the class site even though I have my own blog now (which is why I'm writing this to try out my own site now...well that and I am avoiding the HW I should really be doing instead). But actually, I like having everyone's entries on the class site better because unless they decided to post it on both, you don't read everyone else's entries unless you go to their site. And then you have to wade through all their other stuff that is not for class. It is much easier having it all in one place. But, then again I've only had my own blog for a few days and I have barely used it, so many I will end up liking it..who knows?
Well, I should at least go finish all my reading assignments so that I am prepared to contribute to class disscussions tomorrow...oh wait, my voicebox isn't working grrrrrrrrr, sigh, such is life.

Posted by LorinSchumacher at September 7, 2005 12:03 AM


Congrats -- your individual blog works.

Once everyone has their individual blogs, I'll teach you some tricks that will help everyone find class blog entries on a particular topic.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at September 7, 2005 12:50 AM

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