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September 19, 2005

Spot News Reflection

Covering an event for the news is very new to me. The closest I have come is writing articles for the school yearbook, but even those are really different. I have done lots of writing in my life, but I think writing the news is the most difficult kind. It was a bit challenging to go to an event and take notes and try to get down everything so that I could have as much as possible to use, but actually writing the story was much worse. Part of the reason is that I am not that aggressive in getting quotes and information that I might want for my story. I had a hard time thinking up good open-ended questions to ask and that made it even harder to come up with what I wanted to focus my article on. So, my story started out being a chronological recount of what happened at the Honors Convocation. It was extremely boring, but I didn't know how to fix it. To me, news has always been boring. I seem to have a hard time coming up with why the audience should read my article. I think I have a lot of work cut out for me if I want to do well in this class. But, I guess sometimes the only way to do well is to work hard...so wish me luck!

Posted by LorinSchumacher at September 19, 2005 11:25 PM


One of the obligations of the journalist is to make the important interesting. And that's not easy.

Being more aggressive, so that you have more quotations to work with, will definitely help.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at September 20, 2005 5:28 PM

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