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October 14, 2005

Elements of Journalism, Ch 9-10

I'm actually rather sad that these are last two chapters of the Elements of Journalism. This text has been by far my favorite to read as it is both the most interesting and the most helpful.

In Chapter 9, I really enjoyed the "naked body and guitar" metaphor about "The Pressure to Hype." I found this to be very true, because something really outrageous and crazy will attract a lot of attention at first. But, after a while, it just becomes more of the same and it loses its appeal. But, if you truly do something well, then more and more people will be attracted to it and the audience will grow. As possible future journalists, we need to think this way. We need to realize that a quick fix is not always best for the news business. Actually, looking for the quick fix in any situation is not good because in the end you will expend more energy constantly trying to find another quick fix, than if you just did it right in the first place.

In chapter 10 the authors write: "The elements of journalism belong to citizens as much as they do journalists for the simple reason,...that these principles grow out of the function news plays in people's lives,..." I believe that this idea is not just true of journalism. I think all professions should have the same philosophy; that the elements of their profession grow out of the role they play in the lives of citizens. Think about it. If you are a lawyer, or a salesman, or a mechanic, or a carpenter, or anything else...your work is important to our society. And so you should feel the responsibility to fulfill those needs with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Even if you are not really planning on being a journalist, this text is still useful to you as a future professional.

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