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October 2, 2005

Heart in the Ground

This was originally posted on the course website since we didn't have our own blogs at that time. So, I decided that I would create a copy of it in my blog so it would be easier to find.

The reversal in Lee's attitude towards the situation is interesting. Throughout the majority of the play Lee is basically Karen's antagonist...he is against what she wants to do and is worried about the consequences of her actions and the effects on both Karen and himself. But then Karen tells him about the other baby she lost when she was young, and suddenly, he understands. Until this point he thought he had more to lose than her...he was worried about going back to jail, losing the farm, and probably losing Karen. But, then he realizes how much she has already lost. And he even says that he wants to understand, but until she tells him her secret, he doesn't. She does what she has to to get him to understand.

And she may seem extremely unstable, and maybe a little crazy, but I think that she is just fighting for what she believes in, and she's doing what she has to do in order to win that fight.

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