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October 3, 2005

Oral Presentation Reflection

No matter how prepared I might be, I am usually quite nervous before, during, and after giving a presentation. Friday was not much of an exception. I was still fairly nervous about it, but I do have to say I felt that it went surprisingly better than expected. I think that being split up into two groups helped me as well as everyone else feel less worried about speaking in front of others. Being outside in a more informal setting than the classroom also helped ease some tension. Plus, we interact with each other in class so much that we feel comfortable talking with each other and sharing our ideas. Personally, I am not as comfortable with classmates in most of my other classes. I think all this helped the presentations go very smoothly and it helped me focus on the material being presented instead of me being too nervous to pay proper attention.

Something that I learned from watching my peers speak is how effective body language can be, and also how distracting it can be. A few of us in the group would make nervous gestures and fiddle with our note cards or handouts, and a few were able to use their hands and facial expressions to spark enthusiasm in the audience. This made me think about how large of a role body language plays in making an oral presentation good. Seeing the ones who used their body language effectively gives me something to strive for in my future presentations.

I was also very impressed with my peers. I enjoyed hearing everyone else present their comparisons between the plays that we have read. It gave me a different perspective on some things that we talked about in class, and it brought some things to my attention that I would not have normally noticed. I think that listening to everyone speak about a topic of their choice also enabled me to learn something about each of my peers and what they find most interesting and what they get out of each work we read. Overall it was a very good experience, as nerve-wracking as it might have been.

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