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November 2, 2005

Reversal for the Characters and the Audience

Jim:...I've been going steady! I go out all the time with a girl named Betty.

I think these lines signify the reversal in the play. Here is the only boy that Laura has ever liked telling her he has got another girl. I think from this point on Laura feels that it is surely hopeless, which is sad because happens just as she was beginning to have hope. Also, after this point Amanda no longer stresses the importance of finding Laura a husband. Later, she actually comforts her.

It is this realization that Jim is engaged that propels the rest of the play. This is what makes Laura lose hope; it makes Amanda change her attitude towards finding a husband for Laura; it leads to Tom losing it and leaving.

I think this also signifies a bit of a reversal in the attitude of the audience towards the characters. Amanda used to be the one I disliked and then when Tom leaves I just lost respect for him and was disappointed. I began to be disappointed when he starting talking about the light bill he didn't pay and how the electricity would go out when he was already gone. I can understand that he feels trapped, but there is a difference between being doing something to change a life you are unhappy with, and doing something nasty that will make other's lives more difficult so YOU can get what you want. It made me view Tom as selfish, just the way Amanda said he was. Only until these events I didn't believe it.

Posted by LorinSchumacher at November 2, 2005 2:30 PM


Lorin you had a lot of really good points especially about Tom, I had never looked at him that way. Now that makes me feel like a bad person too! But what I really thought was interesting was that so far all the girls have been saying that Laura loses hope but we don't know. Dena was talking about the foreshawdowing in the second half of the play and I think she was right with the line "maybe this is a blessing in disguise." Just like the unicorn Laura is broken but she says that it is "just like all the other horses." I see that as Laura and Unicorn were similar in that they were both different from all the rest, they had "defects." Now that the horn is broke off of the unicorn it is just like all the rest, hopefully this experience for Laura will change her so that she can be "just like all the rest" and it could very well turn out to be her "blessing in disguise."

Posted by: Sean at November 2, 2005 3:43 PM

Perhaps Tom will send his earnings as a sailor to his family. They probably make more than any factory job.

I really think it's for the best that he left. If he had stayed, he only would have grown more and more angry and bitter - which would upset Laura and bother Amanda. It's really better for all parties involved if he's gone.

Posted by: Kayla Sawyer at November 2, 2005 5:12 PM

I didn't like Amanda in the beginning either Lorin, but I understood why Tom left. He had to get out of his 'coffin' and live HIS life. He had to do what he wanted to do, not just work in a warehouse and support his family. I didnt like how he didnt pay the bill, but hey he is a boy, what do you expect.

Posted by: Denamarie at November 2, 2005 7:40 PM

You guys bring up a good point that the family might be better off without Tom. Maybe it is a blessing, but I really don't think Tom will send them his earnings and I also don't think that he handled the situation very well. I think it was very immature of him to not pay the bill so he could get what HE wanted.

Sean, why does it make you feel like a bad person?

Posted by: Lorin Schumacher at November 4, 2005 7:44 AM

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