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June 26, 2006

On Faith and Prediction

Someone once told me, in a rather exasperated tone, that I am predictable. He was right. I am. I won't deny it. And as much as I sometimes wish I could be something else...spontaneous, reckless, carefree...I am no longer offended by the idea of being predictable. What's so wrong with that anyway? I have come to learn that nothing in this life is certain. No matter how much you think you can be sure of something, you never really can be. Never. I don't care what you say or feel or think you know. Never believe for a second that you are completely in control, because you can never know what might happen. You will never be able to be completely sure of who you can trust, if you're really in love, where you will be tomorrow. You have to take life on faith. That's the only way to live it...faithfully. Sure, you can be selective about what or who you put your faith in, and even how much faith you invest in everything you do. You have to predict the best places to invest your faith, and remember that we all sometimes make bad investments....because all they are, are our incorrect predictions. So I am proud to be predictable, because that makes me a good place for people to invest their faith. In a world full of uncertainty and variables, it doesn't bother me to that I strive to be a constant.

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