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February 21, 2007

A Reflection and a Bit of Advice

An entire year went by without me adding any entries to my blog before this semester started. Now blogging has once again pretty much taken over my life. At least this time I was prepared. Yet, even though I knew what was expected, I still look back at all of my entries and sometimes I am amazed thinking "Wow, that's pretty good" and other entires I look at and say, "Huh, that could have been better." But, you do what you can right? At least I was smart this semester and saved a link to every comment I made ina Word document so I didn't have to hunt for where I had commented. Going back to read them all made me notice that I had a lot of my best thoughts when I was commenting on other's blogs. So, thanks to everyone for helping me stimulate some interesting thoughts!

I am still struggling a bit with the blogs in this class because I am used to having that close-knit EL250 class rather than the large class we have this year. That makes commenting a little more time-consuming and also frustrating that when I post a comment on a peer's blog and no one answers my questions. Also the number of students that still say "I agree" on every comment drives me a little nuts, but I know that will evolve, especially now that the first portfolio is due and everyone will have a better idea of what they need to have for the next one. But, overall, I am very impressed with the way this class has gone so far. Just a word of encouragement to those who are quiter in class...speak up! I know you have good ideas and class is so enjoyable when everyone has something they want to contribute to discussion. I love hearing what everyone has to say because it really makes me think. So don't be afraid to share your thoughts in class. I can garentee you will enjoy class more. And the other students will benefit from your imput. So, go back to those great things we all learned in kindergarten and SHARE. Really, it makes a big difference.

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