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February 21, 2007

I Swear I Blogged on This a Long Time Ago

Lemire, I'm an English Major: Now What? (Intro & Ch 1) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

I swear I am just about 100% sure I blogged on these first readings when we had them at the beginning of the semester, but maybe I am really losing my mind am hallucinating. So, here I go again (or maybe for the first time...I can't be sure, but the blog doesn't exist, so I must have done something wrong.)

"Your own interests, strengths, abilities, hobbies, and obsessions play an even greater role in determining where you will find - or make - a job" (6).

Lol, interestingly, I am listening to "Dreamer" as I write this entry. I think it is great that Lemire points out how essential our individual interests are in helping us find that dream job. I think sometimes people are so limited by what they don't know. There are so many interesting jobs out there that I know I have never even heard of, and I am sure the same is true of others. So, they think because they can't think of a job that fits into both their background as an English major as well as their other interests. But, this is a big part and you just have to be willing to really look around, talk to people, do some research, read this book. The sky is the limit. You would be surprised what you could be paid to do for a living.

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