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January 10, 2008

Are the stereotypes true?

Okay, so as far as helping with the blogging it seems as though I really won´t be of much help to anyone because Dr. Jerz has updated them or changed them since I had class with him last spring, so I can´t figure out how to post an entry on the Mexican Civ blog itself. I can read it of course, but because my own blog already exisits I have my own page, not a link to the course page. But, whatever, I will just blog here and have someone post the link on the page or something.

So far we have already been here for a week and a half or so and the experience has been amazing. ¡Yo le quiero Mexico! The people have al been so friendly and open since we got here that it was hard for me to believe everything Alejandro said in class today. It makes sense that people who have known nothing but what it is like to be cheated would forever be trying to cheat others in order to survive, but I guess I am just more hopeful and optimistic that people wouldn´t always be trying to cheat other people. I think that the people would be more supicious of others and very paranoid here in Mexico if everyone really was always trying to cheat each other and were proud of themselves when they do so successfully. But, maybe I am just being nieve.

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