September 27, 2005

Elements of Journalism, Chapters 3 to 5

Chapter 3: Who Journalist Work For.

Journalism's first loyalty is to the citizens.

That is a direct quote from the book, the Elements of Journalism. But is that really true anymore? Does journalism's first loyalty belong to the citizens, or does journalisms first loyalty now lie with the PR machines that spew out what journalist are and arent allowed to say? I think so. I mean there are alot of articles that, sure, human interest stories, but how many of them have all the facts anymore?

Sure Adolph Ochs and the others may have believed they were independent in their pursuits of the truth, and in their times they were. But does that hold true for 2005? I do not believe that it does.

Chapter 4: Journalism of Verification

The essences of journalism is a discipline of verfication.

Really now? Someone mind telling that to CBS and Dan Rathers then? Last I checked they didn't verify their sources and look at what happened. They got made fools of. Maybe we should send a copy of this book to CBS.

Enough said.

Chapter 5: Independence from faction

Journalists need to be independent from those they cover.

I totally agree with the above statement. Journalists shouldn't be covering the Pittsburgh Steelers football game--for example--unless they aren't apart of the team or somehow could be bias against/for the team. Now, lately, alot of the radio shows have been asking like Hines "Moneybags" Ward, ect to come onto the radio show and do commentary--I think that's fine and dandy.

But I can understand this chapter, the journalist should have no connections whatsoever when it comes to a story.

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