October 10, 2005

AP Guide to Newswriting Chapter 5: Journalese

(ok, so this is 5 days late..so sue me..)

This chapter basically goes back to what I said earlier about wordiness.

For example:

Tensions between Arizona's two senators flared before the Senate's ethics committee (11 words)

That's a little long, and doesn't have any kind "ooo..ahh...I see." kind of 'American' language to it.

Now, consider the following:

Arizona's two senators quarreled openly before the Senate's ethics committee. (10 words)

So, yeah, it loses only a word..but at least it adds a little excitement and leaves you wondering if their quarrel broke out into a fist fight.

I know a lot of journalists sometimes make up words, and that's all fine and dandy, but sometimes what happens is that they end up NOT being direct what their saying. Now what happens when they just use words that are normal American language, it becomes more direct, and sometimes even leaves the person reading the article wondering what happened next.

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