October 10, 2005

AP Guide to Newswriting Chapter 6: Tone: The Inner Music of Words

Ah, Tone....what beautiful music it makes..

Yes, that's right I just quoted Dracula..and then paraphrased that quote at the same time..

Tone, it's all about how you say what you say.

For example:

The late Shah, who got kicked out of the country in...

That's a little TOO informal for my tastes..


The late Shah, who was exiled from Iran in the year...

That sounds a little more formal, the tone is better. I would definitely keep reading that article, only because the author seems to know what he wants to say and when he wants to say it. Tone is all about knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to word it.

Dr Jerz, who is an English professor, told his class today that he would be flying in a rocket ship to the moon.


English professor Dennis Jerz told his class today that he would be flying on a space shuttle as he explores the lunar landscape.

The second one sounds a little better, doesn't it?

That's tone.

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No, that's flair. :-)

Posted by: Katie Lambert at October 11, 2005 04:19 PM
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