April 25, 2005

Chat with an Author.

I recently, as in tonight, about an hour and a half ago, I had the opportunity to chat with a great author online. Her name was Darlene Graham. She is the author of the "Accidental Family" Series (Harlequin published)

She was true inspiration, and though I doubt she'll read this, but I'd like to say thank you to her, and other authors, who take time out of their lives to chat with wanna-bes and help them. THANK YOU!

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This would make Lynn Truss mad as well..too bad she's in England and we're just stupid Americans Apparently


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April 24, 2005

What kind of American English do you speak?

What kind of American English Do You Speak?

Your Linguistic Profile:

80% General American English

10% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Yankee

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
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April 21, 2005

New Pope using email


I know..this was a big surprise to me too. I emailed him though. It seems like a good idea to me to get to the masses.

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Anne Rice Sells Property


Anne Rice, whom I have been a fan of for years is moving away from New Orleans and into San Diego...now forever will be gone the mysteries of the Vampires...au revior Lestat DeLioncourte and Louis de Pointe du Lac! Alvieterzan!

Speaking of property...unless I can get a dorm room for next semester..I might have to leave Seton Hill...

That is all!

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April 20, 2005

The New Pope

Is it ok to be a Catholic and to hate the pope? Or am I going to burn in hell forever?

The reasons I hate him:

-His stance on gays, abortion, and other things

What's ironic about this pope? The other pope named Benedict reigned during the world war....so watch out..WWIII...!!

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April 19, 2005

Papers, newspaper, and politicans and Wit

Papers, newspaper and politicians...what can you say? I love them!

Papers-I had to write a presubmission for a term paper. Now I was advised by my beloved professor to rewrite it. Will I? *shrugs* who knows. I dont know yet, I kind of like the way its set up, and I know I'll at least get a low C-high D on it, which for the end of the semester is pretty good for me. I'm not overly concerned about my grade.

newpapers-The Setonian is awsome! It's made me seriously question if creative writing is for me..I MIGHT consider changing it to Journalism or New Media or whatever....which brings me to..

Politicians..Members of Greensburg-Salems school board are afraid to talk to me, that or they dont have answers. gotta love it. "Mr. Gagliardi, we're forwarding your questions to the Superintendant"
So much for being a friend of the people.

I'll be running for school board in 200- so vote for me!

Oh, and the play Wit? I hate it! 85 pages of pure shit. *throws it out and burns it* a stupid play about an english professor that overanalyzes EVERYTHING!? JESUS H. CHRIST, someone shoot me!

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April 18, 2005

Football fields.

Seton Hill University and Greensburg-Salem School District have decided to use Offutt Field for their football games in a joint venture between the schools. I am doing an article on this for the Setonian. (which by the way my questions to the School Board of Greensburg-Salem is so important to them--that they forwarded my email to the Superintendent of GS)

Anyways...my opinion can't be added to the article, I'll post them right here.

I HATE the idea of Seton Hill using Offutt Field (located in downtown Greensburg). Why? Because its been the home of Greensburg-Salem since 1896, back before the 1st pro-team came into being.

Why did I say that? Because the city of Greensburg can trace football back to 1896--with the Greensburg Athletic Club Golden Lions..and where did they play? Offutt Field.

So to have a school that admittedly I go to and love, BASTARDIZE my alma mater's HOME FIELD! GO AWAY SETON HILL! BUILD YOUR OWN FIELD!

I will be chaining myself to the middle of offutt field during the summer, someone please come visit me when I do!

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April 13, 2005

Day of Silence

Today is Day of Silence. It is to stand up for gay rights. Something I DEEPLY support

So if i do not talk to you in class, or anywhere, and i flash you a black and white card, it means that I am participating in that day today. Please do not be offended...

Now how to explain this to my professors, oy vey! Civil Disobidence and Social Peaceful Protest at its finest!

Let me explain something. I didnt do this for publicity or to draw attention to myself.

I have a friend whos gay, and his boyfriend and himself want equal rights. I agree with them. They should be able to sleep together, do what they wish, get married, get divorced, file tax returns jointly, grow old together.

I also believe, among other things, that gays are people too. I'd hate to say it this way--but what? are gays the new black? Will gays be sold into slavery next?

I personally say down with Bush and the old "gentlemen's club" that is the GOP and bring in a Democrat as president in 2008!

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IPs and Domains and The Internet


Tell ya what..next time I have to blog about something for school..please..PLEASE..someone remind me to post from school. My stupid DNS server was down till this morning..*GROWLS*

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April 08, 2005

The Dice Quiz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yep..I think this fits me pretty well.

Dr. Jerz--from one 80s, D&D geek to another, you gotta take this quiz!

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April 06, 2005

Pick up Ax

As many of you know..I won't be in class on Friday due to my little brother having a medical procedure done. So I read the assigned text today. It's a review on the play, Pick up Ax by our own Herr Doktor Dennis Jerz.

For the most part, being a child of the Age of Computers (as many of us were) I have to say I love this play! But back in my time there wasn't Dell, or HP, or Compaq. Yahoo still had 5 years to be produced; the precursor of FireFox and Navigator had 2 years till was produced. The WWW was still ARPANET and was used in the defense of the USA during the Cold War.

So this play, about two men trying to produce microchips for the old archaic machines, and at the same time get the other companies off their territory in the days of Apples and IBM.

The two characters that we start off with, Keith and Bryan, seem to me, to represent the two sides of every human beings. Keith is the fun loving, but shy individual. Sure he can get girls interested in him, but can be at times very shy around the same girls. He much rather be stuck behind a terminal (for those who are 19 and younger..that's the equivalent of your computer tower now). Keith is also the type of character you'd see in a Shakespearan play--the suave and debonair type at the end, but playing dumb and acting stupid throughout. He would MacBeth, or perhaps Caliban. Dumb acting, dumb looking but in the end the one that gets it all.

Bryan, on the other hand, is the go-getter. He is the one who "sucks face" with a girl, gets the weed and the booze for the two. He is the fun yet serious side of life that we could all use. I don't know if it was the intention of the author to make the characters that way, but that is what I got out of the play.

Then you have Mick, the third and supposed last character of the play. He is the middle ground of the two. Fun...serious...but just wants to do business. Mick wants to make money, no matter what the costs of his personal gain or loss. To me, Mick represents the growing computer business in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was just IBM and Apple with the struggling and just starting Microsoft leeching off of IBM. He doesn't care about what his competitors are doing, or how they do it. He just wants to know how they succeed, how they think and then turn it around on them.

Lastly, and many of you will probably disagree, you have the last true character. A computer. I know, I know, "hows a computer a character. There's no interaction."

Ah..dear ladies and gentlemen, but there is. When Bryan sits at the computer or Keith does, or even Mick does, and one of them plays the computer, that's interaction. That and the mood room, which I think is areally cool idea, is interaction...

Interactive Fiction, as any of you who have been forunate enough to Dr. Jerz in the past, is a way of interacting with even your computer. For example, if I remember correctly ( I havent played Adventure in years), the computer lays out the plot, and you decide the actions much like those "Choose your own adventure" books that were popular. The computer is a character, without being listed or seen to the eye. It's an imaginary character, I suppose.

Anyways, I liked this play. For being 70 pages worth of script it was definitely worth reading. It only took me 2 hours to read. I dont really know what else to say. I'll just wait and see if my public says anything or I may go back and read it and find new things interesting.

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April 05, 2005

An Apology

I owe Mike Rubino an apology.
I thought he was the "I.M. Idiot" who commented on my blog yesterday.

Mike I am sorry.

That is all.

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April 04, 2005


Why couldn't I pick one particular passage of the book, The Color of Water? Simple. The book bored me to death. The only thing it had going for it was the main character's, James McBride's, family. A white woman who thinks herself black, born jewish but raises her kids baptist? Ok, I've never seen that part coming..but otherwise its the same old "I overcame this, this and this stereotype by doing this this and this and this; here's my story." *throws popcorn at the book*

Another reason I couldn't find one particular passage is because I tend to ignore things that deal with race. I was always brought up to read, writer, act, speak, ect. that promoted unity. So I couldnt find one particular passage and talk about.

I'm sorry I dissappinted people this time with not expressing my opinion in a way to promote the 1st amendment...


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Dr. Jerz's Writing, Death of a Salesman, and Dracula

Ok, your sitting here reading the title and thinking, "What does Dracula have to do with Death of a Salesman and Dr. Jerz excerpt." "A lot," would be my answer, "if you ever read and truely understood Dracula."

Arthur Miller may not have been the writer Bram Stoker was--heck at least Arthur Miller's plays look like something, but at least he writes what he knows. What Mr. Miller knows is simple, fear.

Ok, this is where you go, "But what did Willy have to fear?" Alot, actually. He had to fear:

-Not being able to provide for his family.
-Not having a job
-The "strangers" in his life--ie, the people from his haccullations, or insanity, whatever you want to call it.
-And possibly the growing strength in feminism that was being shunned (again) by a society that claims all are created equal.

He fears the same things that many of the Victorian Age English, personified by Jonathan and Wilhemina Harker, did. Not being able to provide for the family, the growing feminism (ok that ones jonathans), and the strangers aka immigrants that were coming from mainland Europe, personified by Van Helsing, Quincy Morris, and the Lord of the flie..er vampires, Dracula himself.

The play and the book have a lot in common if you look for, and try to find these things.

As for Jerz's reading..too technical for my headaching mind to comphrend, but I will be reading it tonight/tomorrow morning. LOL. Sorry Dr. Jerz, sometimes when your worried about family--that comes above all else.

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Ok, look

If you have a problem with me, Mr. I. M. Idiot, aka Mike Rubino, come say it to my face. I'll be in the lounge tomorrow from 8-10:45. Come say im an idiot and stuff to my face.

If you dont like what I posted dear sir? DONT READ MY BLOG!

My entries for the following will go up later:

-Death of a Saleman and Jerz's book excerpt
-Pick up Ax and cyberculture.

And if you can't leave a comment other than to say im an idiot. dont bother.

*is royally ticked off now*

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April 03, 2005

What a bunch of accomplishments

110 comments, and now 38 messages.

That's alot. Not by moira's standards (http://blogs.setonhill.edu/MoiraRichardson/). But still alot for a first semester freshman who at the time didnt know what to do.

Let me give a list of my "accomplishments":
-Seriously ticked off someone because of my post about the Da Vinci Code and the Catholic church
-Twice "bashed" (but not really) Dr. Jerz
-Gave the Greensburg-Salem-Hempfield rivlary new life at SHU. Yes people, the rvilary extends beyond High School life! OOOO and AHHH in amazement!
-Oh, and just generally being a smart@$$!

And that's just in the first two months, one week and two days of my time at Seton Hill University. Woo-hoo! I can't wait for the next few years.

Oh, btw, go Greensburg-Salem Hockey! 2005 Regular Season champs and the league champs! Back to Back baby! 2004 and 2005! 26-0-0 (2004) and 24-0-0 (2005)!!!

And yes, with this blog entry i was kind of making fun of Moira--but its all in fun. I also just gave her two shameless plugs. ;-)

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April 02, 2005

What I like?

I like alot of things..but lets talk about SHU first.

I like:

-The friendly service you get from the front offices (sometimes)
-How the professors in my major have all written some sorta book
-The people in my classes--their all nice and friendly. I like that, ALOT.

but mostly I like Dr. Jerz's absence procedure, sort of.

One thing I dont like--but can see why he does this--is how if the work is and I quote "If there is insufficient time for us to agree upon an acceptable suggestion for making up missed work, or if an approved make-up assignment is late or unsatisfactory, then I may record the absence as unexcused. "

Let me first explain why i dont like it. I dont like it because its like what if the student works his damnest on an assignment and to Dr. Jerz, its not good enough. That means that basically, to me anyways, that Dr. Jerz can mark that student absent.

I will not say its unfair, because its not. Its 100% fair. If the student turns in work that isnt satisfactory, then what was the point in turning it in? But ,and I guess this is coming from my own worries, again what if the work is the best work the student can turn in, and its still not good enough?

Dr. Jerz, if you read this, this is not a blast on you, or your system. This is just a student venting his worries.

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