Those Cossacks sure ran them Frenchies out into the cold non?

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"Why didn't Napoleon conquer Russia? Geography. He ran into two forces he couldn't overcome: a ferocious Russian winter and a people whose toughness and tenacity in defending their homeland matched the merciless elements." (Foster, pg. 165)

As soon as I read this, I couldn't help but recall some of the dialogue examples on our latest workbook. Such sentences and their dialogue can make the reader think that a character is from the south, English, or even a Pittsburger! Foster made the point that the harsh elements of Russia made the people who lived their fierce in their determination to resist Napoleon. Think about it though, Russians have to be tough simply to live in Russia. It's not exactly a sunshine and rainbows over there. Geography has a major impact on how you live. If you live in a concrete jungle, you're a pro at navigating the subway, calling taxis, and weaving your way through a crowded sidewalk. But if you're from the country, you probably know how to drive a tractor, ride an ATV, and at least have some idea of how to dress appropriately for camping. All of these are generalizations of course. Geography was the main factor in teaching people these skills and if you switched a person from the city and one from the country...well, let's just say it that chances are good that it wouldn't be pretty. Geography plays a major role in writing whether we realize it or not, so I think it's time that we try and did.

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Juliana Cox said:

I think you brought up a very good point. Geography has everything to do with what we know and how we are raised. Your examples of a city life compaired to a country life do a good job in supporting this. I think its important to think of any time we have been put into a situation unknown to us and the culture of doing things is completly different. I feel an example of this would be from the movie Mean Girls. The character Kady, from Africa, moved to the United States and was pushed into a lifestyle all new.

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