No body knows where THIS film came from!

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"Student conduct codes and computer use policies are applicable to blogging, experts say, and it's probably not hard to make a compelling case for why posting a video of your roommate having sex is a bad idea." - Freedom of speech redefined by blogs

I'm sure that after reading this particular article more than a few people were shocked at the measures taken against young people who thought they were exercising their freedom of speech. I was taken aback at the liberty that some people take online.

Since major social networking sites came about, I've been party to quite a few school sponsored talks concerning online etiquette. I still remember a session informing us that it was considered easier to bash someone or people that ourselves had never met. They never actually told us the extreme possible repercussions that might occur from heated treatments left on the internet. i.e. court proceedings and jail. This article leaves in stark relief the fact that what you write online can inevitably come back to haunt you.

One has to think of just how many people there are in the world, constantly surfing the net in some fashion, at some moment. It only takes one person who knows you or can track you down to make you regret exactly what you posted. Just remember: you may have a piece of paper declaring that you have the freedom of speech,...but what about those who hear you when you speak those words? Or write them? It's just like the fine line between genius and madness, I suppose. Did you agree with the sanctions imposed upon the mentioned young people in the above article? Go on. I'll listen.

Remember now, you're on Candid Camera!!


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Very true Maddie. Though I've never put anything "bad" on the net when I was younger and put my lame poetry (at the time thinking it was great) online - it has now come back to haunt me.

Not haunt me in the way that you hint at, but more like a "wow I SUCKED at writing, why is this still here" kind of haunting. Hopefully people see the dates I posted that stuff though and now can do the simple math that shows it was quite the number of years ago.

We have freedom of speech alright, but we don't have freedom from the consequences.

It's not rocket science: if you would somehow be embarassed by its discovery, why make the material public? If it's so your friends can see it, why not just send them all emails?

Chelsea, you are exercising proper online behavior by keeping your writing online as sort of a portfolio of your accomplishments. A virtual notebook of sorts.

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