Gnomes!? There're gnomes in the garden! Look at the prints on the carpet!

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It's September, and I'm unleashing another crop of bloggers on the world. But some have been blogging already for years, and have developed a culture all their own. They're going to trample a few of my flowers and track a little dirt on my carpet, but that's okay, because I don't live in a museum. ~ Dr. Jerz

So, I may not be aneat freak (ask my mother and she'll give you a look that says she adamantly seconds that statement), but I do try not to run head-long over those who came before and I intend on following this in the future. I can completely understand how one spread of bloggers differs from generation to generation. Every generation possesses variances. Unfortunately, these changes can bring dirt into another's house!

However, the aforementioned differences can also bring everyone the chance to plant new flowers in new areas. So, in a sense, everyone's got a little dirt on some part of the floor. I, myself have only really become internet-savvy in the last year or so. I'm always looking at what others have posted/written before me in an effort to learn from them (and, hopefully, not create some hideous faux-pas).

I never could actually force myself to sit down and write a journal/diary of any kind, but I can sympathize with students who have developed their own specific style of writing. People learn to censor themselves in unique ways pertinent to their audience. When this audience changes, people have to sit down and teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak.

In the end, you can see exactly how far we've come on the internet since Usenet. Then again, there will always be aspects that may seem better in the older versions than the new. It was the same with 8 tracks to later CDs and it's just the same with Usenet to individual blogs.

I found it especially interesting that " who knows the existence of 'the cabal' will invariably deny there is one." Why would an administrator refuse to admit their existence? Is that which is hidden, but often talked about more fearsome than that which is seen all the time?

Do you know? I want to know!

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And now CD's to iPod's? But like you said, everyone comes with a little dirt, or baggage and the rest of us have to except it. I don't think anyone can ever really expect someone else to understand everything about a subject, when they first get into it.

And I'm the same way with the internet now too. Especially, because last year and during the summer, I had NOOOOO cable, I now get all my news and anything else I want from the internet. So even though I grew up with this kind of stuff, and I had my first blog when I was 12, I never depended on it until now. So we were all in that "newbie" stage at some point, we're just growing into it all easier now I think.

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