Trench-bound and taking grenades!

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"In some ways webtext poses an ethical problem for the persuader: It's not suitable for careful, linear, logical argument, but it is excellent for jolt-rich slogans, captions, and unsupported assertions. Yet manipulating readers by appealing to their fears and insecurities is deeply disrespectful. If you're attempting to persuade your readers, it should be on the basis of appeals to their intelligence and maturity." ~ Kilian pg. 140

When I read this, I couldn't help but smile over the fact that someone out there still troubles themselves over ethical dealings in the big, bad world. Then again, just because Kilian and those of like minds spout out facts concerning the ethical pitfalls a writer can fall into, some of those writers might just be digging their own holes from which to toss grenades at their enemy(ies).

Since time immortal people have sought to manipulate others in some form. And guess what? There're several convincing way with which to do it!

  • You can be logical (though that doesn't always mean right).
  • You can play on emotions using a perfect tone and word choice that fairly hands you your readers gift-wrapped to you.
  • You can certainly make yourself seem credible to your readers by publishing or hunting up various articles on the net. Anyone can write anything and immortalize it in online history in today's age.
  • You can virtually through tons of information at your reader.
  • And last, but by no means least, you can enact all kinds of propaganda to persuade the reader over to your side of the field.

I can only implore you to actually think for yourself at times. One day, that may be the only way to decide things. One never can know. (Or if you can you're certainly not telling!)

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