Mythical Universal Idiosyncrasies

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"You can't trust your own judgement about this. You need to show the Home page to people from outside your organization to tell you whether the design is getting this job done because the "main point" is the one thing nobody inside the organization will notice is missing." ~ pg. 103: Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug

What is it? It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's...(I know you were expecting Superman!, but please.) This quote really focuses the entire bit about handing your pet project over to someone else to try out. You can pour your heart and soul into something and never want anyone to find fault with it. Unfortunately, Life's not that simple by any means. It's more than likely that there will be something amiss with our first, second, possibly even third drafts, we just won't see it until another points it out to us. Common sense seems to work along these lines too, sometimes.

So even though it may feel like you're only opening yourself up for ridicule and have called the emotional paramedics because you're sure that you're going to be shot in the foot (which is always a possibility), you really need to do it.

"In fact, all of the time I've spent watching people use the Web has led me to the opposite conclusion: all Web users are unique, and all Web use is basically idiosyncratic." ~ pg. 128

I loved reading this. You always here how every individual is unique, but we're all the same some how too? It's just a little confusing. It's true that everyone has qualities possessed by only them. It's also true that groups of us can be grouped together by loose, general standards. That being written, everyone has their little oddities that they use to traverse the Web. Some search all over, some browse, and some just travel along on the Winds of Fate (divine substances assist them).

All in all, we're just as much the same as we are different.

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Jackie Johns said:

The quote from page 128 caught my eye as well; I also quoted it in my blog for these readings. It just seems to sum two very broad ideas up in one very succinct statement. Of course, all web users are at least generally alike; that's why web conventions have developed and continue to work so well! However, there is no truly "average" user. We may all be attracted to similar elements on a webpage, but we may use them in a different order, in a different way or for different purposes.

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