Blue Thrones, Blue Deer, and a Color Blind David

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I probably would have liked this story if it were written in a linear fashion, or at least on a website that has text easier seen. I think I've got a headache now actually, from trying to read that one through. It's interesting well enough, I'd simply rather not read it. Besides, the characters don't exactly seem like I want to get to know them. I'm mad enough as it is!

My, my, my; Marsha sure seems to have some problems on her hands! This only goes to show that you shouldn't invite powerful entities to play on your website. Nothing like going mad and being shown the way by those that you used to adore.

"Mike & Bits: No! Marsha" - Guess everyone snaps sometime!

This poem struck me through and through, despite the fact that I don't feel as if I completely understand it. I connected to this work through the nature scenes that faded on the screen as the lines appeared as if out of a mist. With the sound of the wind blowing in the pines or over a field and the crackling of the fire, I was hopelessly enthralled.

I actually played this work a few times trying to see how many different ways, points of views, that I could access. Every little twitch of the mouse could produce something new, and you couldn't always get back to whatever you'd just passed over. It truly reflected life in that manner. You can make choices that are essentially carved in stone, making them irreversible.

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Daniella Choynowski said:

Maddie, wait till you get to El 336. Michael Joyce and his interactive fiction will come back in "Afternoon". Just reading about his IF gave me a headache. There was also a section in one of the books about a poem that fades from sight very quickly. I miss linearality. If traditional literature is legitimate theater, then electronic literature is performance art.

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