If at first you don't succeed...

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Well, I can safely say that I learned something new in my class today when we performed Alpha tests on each other's Term Projects. I was really impressed with Chelsea Oliver's website that's all about her summer camp/job. Despite the fact that I don't mind coding websites, I think I'd pull my hair out for the deadline of this semester's Term Project, if only because of everything else I have going on.

So to that effect, I chose to create an Interacitve Fiction game (IF game). I have to say that I received some great input from Dave Wilbanks. He's also coding an IF game for his project, but he's coming into it with previous outside experience. And boy has it helped me!

Dave helped point out a spelling mistake (that I chalk up to coding at 1:30 am. after telling myself "Just one more line of code!"), managed to get a statue appear as if from thin air, coded a door for an additional puzzle, as well as give me inspiration for more descriptional fodder. I'd be in pretty deep if it were'nt for his help today. I guess I just need to keep on coding!

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Awe, thanks Maddie. I actually decided to make a website because I felt it was the lesser of two evils when it come to html or IF.

Though I didn't end up getting to your game in class, I'm sure that you'll end up with something good. You always impress me with what you come up with for this class - so I'd be happy to be one of your beta testers, even though I'm sure you know how much I loathe text games. :)

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