My how time flies...

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Well, time just seems to fly by here in La La land (whether you're sick or not)! All of the subsequent blogs below were written for my class: Writing for the Internet. (Just so's ya know.) I've learned quite a bit since the last time you might have seen one of my portfolios, so take some time and scroll on through. You really never know whatcha might find!

Coverage: And no, I don't mean like those skimpy bathing suits you may see (or want to see) when you go to the beach. This is full length, itchy wool sweater coverage.

Find ______, then prove it.
Insistence and Intentions: flip sides of a coin

Timeliness: I can completely understand it if your watch is a little slow or a little bit fast, but check out Verizon. I hear their's is the most accurate around!

History's Flows of Buzzling Puzzling
Mythical Universal Idiosyncrasies

Interaction: Hey, at least we keep it G rated here. I don't even wanna think about what goes on elsewhere. They might even type Shut UP! in their comments! *gasp*

We don't mess with the Space/Time Continuum for a reason!
What's good is bad and what's bad is good by Jacquelyn Johns

Depth: It's not the depth of a cement pond either.

Billboard Drive-bys
Users, Freakers, Losers, Drivers...

Discussion: Yes, you can go and talk to your dog, Buddy.

Content without solidified mandates
Code is the basis of all things!

Now then, go check out what my classmates had to say...

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