Progress Makes Perfect

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Term Progress Report:

I decided to create an interactive fiction game (IF games) for my class term project this semester. I'll whole-heartedly admit that I've been able to play only a few IF games as of late due to a rather hectic schedule and whatnot. To that end, I plan to do the best that I'm able to in order to fashion a likable (playable) game.

I plan to model my game after the exploration portion of the game Worlds Apart. This game absolutely fascinated me when I was traveling through the various landscapes! One of the opening lines in the game that captivated my imagination was, "As you look out to sea, the cold glitter of the stars seems to turn the water to quicksilver, and indeed, the sand where you lie is dry as dust, and the waves crash over you without leaving a drop of moisture on your body. All else around you is shrouded in mist--your eyes cannot penetrate it to see if there is even solid ground beyond this patch of land."

Another game that has inspired me to create my own IF game is Firebird. I have to write that I really liked the whole fairy tale atmosphere (I'm into that). The puzzles were also interesting because I didn't think that they were too hard and kinda neat to solve once I managed to put the clues together.

This was one of the simpler puzzles that I'd like to somehow model in my own game. "'Master, as you remember, your father's instructions were not to serve you dinner until you brought back your kill.' You silently recall the circumstances under which these instructions were given. Your father has found you insufficiently motivated to improve your hunting skills and would prefer your starvation if you do not start landing some game." You really just need to go chase down some bird in the forest and kill it; bring it back to camp; and hand it over to the cook. An awful lotta trouble for something you'd think a Prince could just order for. Then again, let's wait till you're king!

Story line:
I've only got a rough plot sketched out at the moment, but that's soon to be improved, no worries! It all starts out in a dream-like manner (or surreal if you prefer) in a courtyard. There's only a single path to follow that inevitably leads you to a circular room connected to three or four other rooms. Three or two rooms will hold items that you need to obtain in order to open the last door.

Once you have all of the items and open the last door, there will a table or something supporting three drinks. After choosing one of these drinks you will experience one of the multiple endings. I know it's ambitious, but I'm probably making it sound better than it's going to be.

Anyhoo, keep me in mind for puzzle ideas/how to code puzzles and whatnot and be sure to check out my classmates projects as well!

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Jackie Johns said:

Maddie, I'm not the person to come to for help on coding a game or puzzle...but I can give you an old-fashioned pat on the back! I think your game sounds really interesting; basing it off of Worlds Apart especially caught my interest. It was one of my favorite games I tried during our class' IF unit. In particular, I like the idea of the three glasses with three alternate endings. It seems like an appropriate and satisfying conclusion to the plot you've sketched out; but the beauty of it is that one "ending" isn't really the end!
Since I can't give specific tips, I can offer to be part of a usability test if you ever do that. Hopefully all the mistakes I make when I play IF games will finally be of benefit to someone!

First of all, cool web design of your blog.

Althrough I don't understand all your said in this aricle, but good luck with your IF game, I know it is very difficult.

David Wilbanks said:

It sounds like your IF game might have some of the same coding issues as mine. The necessity of finding items to open doors, is a huge part of mine. So, while there are lots of things you'll want to do that I don't yet know how to do, chances are I'll have to figure them out pretty soon. So if you need help/can offer help keep me in mind.

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