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And no, I'm not talking about weddings. I'm writing about my final project in my Writing for the Internet course. I created an interaction fiction (IF) game that's set in a dreamscape of sorts.

I really enjoyed creating it, even if parts of it drove me straight up the wall. My user-tests really showed me the places where directions were less than clear or where I had small spelling errors and the like. Some of my testers often wanted to examine items that I hadn't actually written into the game, so I went ahead and wrote little diddies for them. I even had a few testers who wanted to do "silly" things like touching or petting statues or even wearing skeletons! So can they do all of that in the final game? You bet! In my mind, if I can give the player what they want within the confines of my game, I'd like to do everything in y power to do so.

My testers also encountered a bit of confusion as to how unlock certain doors. I've done my best to go back and make the keys more obvious, but I'll give you players a hint: X DOOR. It works like a charm. There were some things that I felt that I could only make so easily seen because my mind, and therefore my game, seems to be hardwired differently than others. So I've done my best to correct these issues and can only hope that playing my game brings you at least a small smile before you're through.

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