Are you a bad news bear?

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"The concern that the press focuses too much on what is wrong, violent and bizarre

and that it never prints “good news” may be the longest-running complaint of the public."


Unfortunately, this is true.  The public never wants to read or hear about the bad news; the victim who was beaten, or the suspect that killed her husband, or the abandoned baby in the garbage can.  No, people wanna hear about the new family bussinnes around the corner, or about how gas prices are going down.  Unfortunately theres never a story with for the good news. Bad news is whats sells.  It makes a good story, and it what the public needs to know.  They need to be aware that someone in their comunity was beaten, or someone killed someone else, or to be on the lookout for the baby, or to prepare for some type of disaster.


Theres really no way to fix the reporting problem.  Reporters 'report' what the people need to know, not what they want to know.  Its all about politics when it comes down to it.  What sells, the good or the bad?

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Maddie Gillespie said:

I like how you focused in on what the punlic wants to hear vs. what the public needs to hear. I'm sure that a lot of individuals didn't want to know anything about the Watergate scandal and exactly what President Nixon was up to, but they needed to know it. It seems to me that the public doesn't really know what they want. They say that they only want to hear about good things...but they'll slow down while driving past an accident in an attempt see more. Confusing yes?

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