WE make the difference

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I chose A flower for the Graves as my story from "The Classics."  I thought this story was very good.  I loved the depth of the story and the details, it was almost like I was there and Patterson was giving a speech to the town.  It was meaningful and reached out to everyone in the town.  The part of the story that really caught my attention was the use of WE.  I feel Patterson used the word we to make the story mean more to the people of the town who didn't loose their children.  It wasn't just the killers faults that these children are dead but Patterson made the story affect everyone, because the towns people did nothing to stop the violence problem.

The opinon side of this story and how one person feels relates to my story, because I am writing on the expansion of campus downtown.  My story is solely based on how people in the downtown area feel about the campus expansion, and how it will affect things such as businness and traffic.  I want to find the good and the bad things about the expansion and be able to see what WE as a comunity think is going to happen when the project is complete.

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Bethany Merryman said:

I think you are on the right track for what you are looking to use as a style in your own article. Making the articles real and showing is really the most important thing! Good luck on your article!

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