Bears go to sleep, and I am just waking up

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Ok so for those of you who don't know what were doing.  We are currently creating our last blogging portfolio YA!!!  As a new freshman this year I had so much to learn about all this computer garbage.  In fact this class was the first time i ever hear of blogging...I mean i knew people did it, but I never realized  what it was.  So heres a collection of everything more recently.



        Everything was in on time...woo hoo go me! ok well there were a couple posted around 12...but hey thats pretty good compared to last time!

Americas Best-What a book

Best Practices-Are you writing right?

All of Best Practices-Just a summary

Are You a Bad News Bear-Don't be grumpy bears are going into hibernation now!

We make the Difference-Everyone plays a part, are you doing yours?

What a day is right-It seems like what a semester

The Process-O ya theres something real particular

Ethics-Are you doing the right thing?



      ok so i don't have too many that go way into depth, but heres a few that i got really into.

Best Practices

Theres a Process


Interaction & Timeliness:

           OK so I didn't get a lot of comments but here a couple blogs that i did...I guess, and well I'm hoping as the years go on in my blogging career I learn how to spark up some crazy conversations. These 2 blogs were also were the 2 that I blogged earlier than the rest.

We Make a Difference

Are you a bad news Bear


As for discussion...other than the 2 blogs i posted under Interaction and Timeliness I didn't get any other comments, so i guess i should have called the last section Interaction Timeliness and Discussion.






heres an off the wall kinda crazy last minute blog entry.

The last one!

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Posting entries early is a good way to attract comments, so it's no surprise that your best conversations happened on the entries you posted early. You've got a good selection of interesting posts, Maria... I'm glad that you didn't let the technical glitches get you down (for too long, anyway).

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