Wow its over

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ok so normally on a friday at this time...10:54, i would patiently be sitting on the fourth floor of admin in room 402 i think, getting ready for class to begin.  But today, its 10:55 am friday. i'm sitting at my computer, in my pjs, working on stuff, and i must admit...I LOVE is right around the corner, however that also means that so are finals.  I'm stuck here for the next 5 days, with yucky weather, no car, and nothing to do but study and write about a shitty weekend...oops can i say shitty? well O-well I harm done...its MY BLOG...ok so anyhow...thanks dr. jerz, it was a very interesting semester, I'm proud i guess of how it went...even more proud that it went by so fast! THANK GOD...ok so here it is everyone...BYE!!!


*ok so i totally just ended my blogging experience number 1...and i couldn't feel any better...



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