Fright Farm

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Jeff and Bill were starting out the month of October working at Fright Farm. Fright Farm is five acres of grounds and a haunted mansion, filled with lots of surprises. This would be an adventuros month for the boys, as they would have alot of fun and make some money.

"I'm really excited about my role as a zombie", Jeff said. Shaking his head, "I'm not so sure that I'm going to like my role as Chuckie", replied Bill. "You need to get more involved with your character, have fun with it!" remarked Jeff. "It's no so much fun to scare people when they punch you or push for scaring them", said Bill. Jeff said, people come here to be scared, that is what they are paying for. The rules say that there is no touching". "Everybody doesn't always pay attention to the rules", replies Bill. Jeff remarks,"Well if someone touched me, I would have them removed from the grounds". "This is my first job and I want to enjoy it", said Bill. This is my first job and I love it!", said Jeff. "Let's just have fun and not let one bad customer ruin it for us", said Bill. Jeff answers, "That sounds like the best idea that you have had yet. Let's just have fun!"


Chuck McKendry said:

When will FRIGHT FARM 2008 info be posted online? Is this the Marsha Banton that was a superviser at SONY in the SYMPHONY Dept? If so I know you

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