Job Descriptions for Rich Farms

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For a recant job offer that I accepted, I was asked to prepare job descriptions for each and every job that is offered with the business. I do not have very detailed english writing skills, so this task would be difficult for me. I was new to the company, so for me to sit down and write a job description for all employees was going to take some time. After all, I barely knew what my own job entitled.

Everyday, I met with new personal taat I had not yet met so that I could learn their job and write their job description. When I finished writing all of the job descriptions, I met with the owner, to see what suggestions he may have. Taking his input into thought, and another two weeks of time, I finished the job description sheets. Now, upon hiring a new employee, they would be given a job description. This would make the training a lot easier. In the past, a new employee would spend a day with a present employee, learning what was expected of them. This never seemed to work out. There was always the unexpected to deal with.

The new job descriptions seemed to make new employees feel more relaxed and confident in their new atmosphere.

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