Man in Disguise

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Flagstaff: I'll creep into the chimney

Mrs. Ford: There they always use to discharge their birding pieces,

Mrs Page: Creep into the kilnhole

Flagstaff: Where is it?

Mrs. Ford: He will seek there, on my word. Neither  press, coffer, chest, trunk well, vault, but he hath an abstract for remembrance of such places, and goes to them by his note. There is no hiding you in the house.

Flagstaff: I will go then

Mrs. Page: If you go out in your own semblance, you die, Sir John. Unless you out disguised.

This is a very interesting paragraph. She can have no man  in the house that her husband knows of. This makes her lie to her husband in order to save the life of a friend. He must disguise himself as the fat woman of Brainford or be shot.. It really makes it hard for her to be truthful with her husband under these conditions.

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