March 02, 2005

"In the Old Age of the Soul"

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Pound, ''In the Old Age of the Soul''

When I read this poem of thought of the movie Gladiator for some reason. Anyway, I think the poem is about a person looking back on their life and all its struggles and feeling as if none of it really got them anything but older and more worn out. Like when he says about the "sword hilt and the war-worn wonted helmet / Brings momentary life and long feld cunning" Fighting for our lives, warring, may prolong life for a short time but we all die anyway and is it really worth the fight? Young men are full of "might for action" and even though he may not be physically old he feels that way in his soul because of all that he has already gone through in his life.

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