March 02, 2005


Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Ransom, ''Judith of Bethulia''

I think one of the interesting ties between "Judith", "Daddy" and "BIrds" is the changing role of the women. In "Judith" she is a hero, one of the elders. She did what a man cuold not do, her beauty was her sword. A man could not defeat Holophernes, only a beautiful woman was able. In "Daddy" Plath is woman tortured by her father's death in her child hood which is unreconciled in her mind and (as i read on Kayla's blog) her cheating husband. She is powerless and alone, defeated.

In "Birds", it is interesting that the focus is on Eve, not Adam. Birds tend to personify freedom. Humanity was free until Eve sinned. We are now held captive by our sins until our salvation is at hand. "Moreover her voice upon their voices crossed" We once sang a song of freedom as birds do, they sing because they are free and happy to be birds, but humans no longer sing happily and freely. We sing a constant song of sorrow. This clashes with birds. Once we sang in harmony with birds but not anymore. Because the birds "heard the daylong voice of Eve" and sang along with her "tone of meaning but without the words" (humans are separate from animals in our use of language) when she changed her tune, the birds didn't know what to do, they were freaked out. Now birds are skiddish and afraid of humans, you can't get too near a wild bird and they always seem to be so nervous. But imagine being able to walk around like you were in a Disney movie singing along with birds and birds not being afraid of you. I think basically the message here is that we have lost our harmony with nature and the animal world that would have existed in Eden at the time of our creation.

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