March 16, 2005

Lotsa ?s about Streetcar

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): A Streetcar Named Desire

Obviously the one thing about Streetcar that stuck out in my mind was Blanche and her lies and not only her lies, her appearance. What is up with her face, she doesn't want to be looked at in the light? Does she just think she is old and ugly or does she really have some kind of slight disfigurement? Then there is Stanley who doesn't really seem all that bad at first, then he hits his wife and then he has his way with her sister. Also I know that the metaphor between the streetcar named Desire and the street being called Elysian Fields and all that but what does all that really add up to in terms of the play? Are the Elysian Fields a reference to heaven or paradise? If someone knows can you explain.

Do Stanley's redeeming qualities justify his behavior towards women? Obviously his wife thinks so.

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