April 06, 2005

Blood- Burning Moon

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Toomer, ''Blood-Burning Moon''

Personally I'm glad for Louisa. Both these guys have serious issues. I'm glad she didn't end up with either one of them. Bob is just obsessed with her because she is attractive and he thinks he can dominate her because she is a black girl and she works for the family. He is constantly worried about what everyone else he knows will think about it and it seems like he projects a sense of entitlement about everything. He "sauntered". "He went in as a master should and took her" He obviously still has these ideas about slavery in his mind and believes Louisa to be below him. Then Tom tells her that Bob better not like her like that or he will "cut him jes like I cut a nigger" Isn't that a nice thought. Gee, that makes me just want to tie the knot with this guy right away. At least now she can go find a nice man who isn't on a complete head trip.

Do you feel bad for Louisa or do you think it was the best thing that both men ended up dead?

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