April 06, 2005


Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): O'Connor, ''Greanleaf''

I have to say that I totally saw it coming from the beginning of the story; something was bound to happen with Mrs. May and the bull. Honestly, as I read the story the Greenleafs really didn't seem all that bad. Sure they were kinda strange but i think they were sincere and pleasant. Mrs. May really has no room to talk though, look at her sons. They have no respect for their mother and are really not sincere people. I feel bad for MRs. May in a way but at the same time I think she deserved what she got for being bitter impatient and thinking that she is better than everybody.

DO you think Mrs. May deserved what she got or not?

Posted by MaryAnderson at April 6, 2005 09:43 PM | TrackBack

I'm not sure if she deserved what she got, because she did put up with the Greenleaf's for much longer than she had to. But I agree with you about the predictability of the story -- the narrative builds up to point to an eventual anti-climax.

Posted by: Neha at April 8, 2005 11:21 AM
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