April 29, 2005

The Farmer's Children

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Bishop, ''The Farmer's Children''

This story was short and to the point I guess but somethings about it were fuzzy to me. For instance, when the step mother is tucking the girls into bed she looks at the quilt and really thinks about it. Is it possible that the quilt was the one from the barn and somehow it was brought into the house purposely or accidentally but someone. It seemed significant that she was seriously thinking about the quilt. Why else would that detail have been added. I think it was pure foolishness for the boys to be sent to a barn a mile away from the house to protect farm equipment. Hello!! Does that even make sense? Two young boys are going to protect farm equipment from possibly several grown men. Not a smart move on the parents' part.
Then the worker was fired that made no sense to me unless he was the one who stole the blanket. I don't know, I'm confused.

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