April 29, 2005

The Farmer's Children

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Bishop, ''The Farmer's Children''

This story was short and to the point I guess but somethings about it were fuzzy to me. For instance, when the step mother is tucking the girls into bed she looks at the quilt and really thinks about it. Is it possible that the quilt was the one from the barn and somehow it was brought into the house purposely or accidentally but someone. It seemed significant that she was seriously thinking about the quilt. Why else would that detail have been added. I think it was pure foolishness for the boys to be sent to a barn a mile away from the house to protect farm equipment. Hello!! Does that even make sense? Two young boys are going to protect farm equipment from possibly several grown men. Not a smart move on the parents' part.
Then the worker was fired that made no sense to me unless he was the one who stole the blanket. I don't know, I'm confused.

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I Want to Live

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Jones, ''I Want to Live''

This story really got inside me very deeply. It was one of those stories for me that you just don't feel the same after reading. You feel gentler, more at peace with yourself and with dying. Life at times can be stressful and busy and we lose track of why we are here (to love our neighbors and God) and we forget that death and suffering will happen to us eventually. Usually death is just something that happens to other people. We show up at the funeral home, make small talk, take the little card with the name and sign the book and that's death. I actually just attended a funeral home on Wednesday. My boyfriend's grandfather passed away. When you look at somebody's body laying there with the makeup and clothes so still it's so strange to me because it is not them, the life is gone. I could go into a big rant about why in the heck do we powder and preserve our loved one's bodies but it's really not relavent to the story. I think the reason this story got the best of me was because it truly is from the perspective of the dying woman. It wasn't her story of how she beat cancer or the story someone would tell about a loved one who died of cancer. It was the real story. We take for granted everyday that our bodies work right and that we are not in pain. This story is meant to make us look at our condition and live everyday to the fullest. Why bitch about Mcdonald's burgers not being made right? Does that matter? No. So laugh and love and enjoy your life while you can. Live your life always ready to meet your death. I have slipped away from this mindset myself, when the stress builds up, the first thing we let go of is the very thing that holds us together, our spirituality, our faith. Though I have not lived long, I have experienced things in my life which have caused me to realize how possible death is for me. One of them, I had time to prepare for, two of them I did not. Like in the story the kids sitting in the theatre, waiting for the curtain to roll up, you have to wait for death like that. KNowing that it's there behind that curtain.

Another thing that is constantly brought up is the pain the woman has. She is constantly in pain. The thing about pain is, at least for me, If you are in servere pain, and all you think about is pain, then the pain will never go away in fact it will consume you. There is good pain and bad pain. Good pain is pain you understand, you know what is happening and you accept it. Like labor, the body is equipped to handle the pain of labor and if you trust that you don't need an epidural, I didn't take pain medication of any kind when I had my daughter because I truly believed in my body's ability to handle it. Bad pain is pain that you don't understand and don't accept. The thing about bad pain is that you can't get it go away as easily as good pain because either it's killing you and you are fighting it or you don't know what it is and you think it may be killing you. This is the position the woman is in. She has pain from the cancer and she is not ready to die. She cannot accept the pain, she is fighting it.
If she were ready for death pain would be a sign that it won't be long. She wouldn't need all the pain killers. I don't know. Maybe she would, but I don't really think life is living for the next time you can take a pain pill. Or being whacked out on morphine the last minute you will see you loved ones. I don't think I want to meet my maker while I am high on morphine. That's just me. This story is a lesson, it's supposed to sink in real deep, at least i think so.

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April 06, 2005

Here We Are and There we Went

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Parker, ''Here We Are''

I wonder how long this couple will last. Or if they stay together I wonder if they will ever be happy. Instead of snuggling together on the train and maybe talking about the future children or whatever somethign normal they are bickering. It is completely not what a conversation between two married people should be like 3 hours after thier wedding. Either the couple doesn't know each other well enough to even be married or they are just so nervous now because they have to have an actual conversation just the two of them. Its like Here we are we are married so now what... They dont know what to do so they are fighting. Perhaps they were too caught up in the actual wedding that they ignored what it symbolized or was supposed to symbolize.

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Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): O'Connor, ''Greanleaf''

I have to say that I totally saw it coming from the beginning of the story; something was bound to happen with Mrs. May and the bull. Honestly, as I read the story the Greenleafs really didn't seem all that bad. Sure they were kinda strange but i think they were sincere and pleasant. Mrs. May really has no room to talk though, look at her sons. They have no respect for their mother and are really not sincere people. I feel bad for MRs. May in a way but at the same time I think she deserved what she got for being bitter impatient and thinking that she is better than everybody.

DO you think Mrs. May deserved what she got or not?

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Blood- Burning Moon

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Toomer, ''Blood-Burning Moon''

Personally I'm glad for Louisa. Both these guys have serious issues. I'm glad she didn't end up with either one of them. Bob is just obsessed with her because she is attractive and he thinks he can dominate her because she is a black girl and she works for the family. He is constantly worried about what everyone else he knows will think about it and it seems like he projects a sense of entitlement about everything. He "sauntered". "He went in as a master should and took her" He obviously still has these ideas about slavery in his mind and believes Louisa to be below him. Then Tom tells her that Bob better not like her like that or he will "cut him jes like I cut a nigger" Isn't that a nice thought. Gee, that makes me just want to tie the knot with this guy right away. At least now she can go find a nice man who isn't on a complete head trip.

Do you feel bad for Louisa or do you think it was the best thing that both men ended up dead?

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The Best Girlfriend You Never Had

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Houston, ''The Best Girlfriend You Never Had''

One of the more interesting lines from this story was this one "I could tell you the lie I told myself with Gordon. That anybody is better than nobody. And you will know exactly why i stayed in the back of that Pathfinder, unless you are lucky and then you will not."

The reason I think this is interesting is because the author is commenting on the fact that so many people in our world feel this way especially women. So many people stay in relationships that suck because they figure that its better than no relationship at all. All of this starts in childhood, I believe. It is obvious that Lucy's problems with relationships were a result of her messed up family situation. It seems that so many families are broken and people do not learn how to have normal relationships because their parents do not have normal relationships etc. Its a vicious cycle. But basically she is saying in that line that somebody like her with the mentality of "a bad relationship is better than none at all" can rationalize why she stayed in the Pathfinder even though it was not her fault that the surfer held the door open for her and she let him make her believe she was to blame for something. Somebody who has more respect for themself and has in their mind an idea about what is right and wrong in a relationship will absolutely not buy the lie and not understand why she would stay. I feel when I blog about these stories I am constantly being a shrink for the characters. Anyway my agenda item:

What do you think? Can you understand why she stayed in the Pathfinder or not?

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