A trip to the store for some white bread

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"If you were an English professor, and not even a particularly weird English professor, you'd know that you'd just watched a knight have a not very suitable encounter with his nemesis"


I wasn't sure what to think when we were assigned to read How to Read Literature Like a Professor however as I began the book and it told the story of a book plot from the 60's I was intrigued to say the least but when it was reviled that the story was just your average quest it sure did open my eyes to seeing outside the box.  The facts that were pointed out that show how in every story, just about every story, have the same features. Just like we all have different eyes, noses and mouths we all we born.


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I was equally as curious about this book when we were assigned it. To be honest part of me thought "greattt another dry book filled with facts about how to read and write" but I was so pleasantly surprised when I found that I was so wrong. It's really entertaining and I enjoy how each chapter varies. I especially enjoy the author's sense of humor.

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