Chillingworth didn't need social networking

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Oh poor Dimmsdale meets his maker! My thoughts of killing off Dimmsdale are that he is a character that needs to be left in the story. I love happy endings but this is not sure is not one. Dimmsdale is on such a rush of true love and gives such a glorious speech but at the same time Hester's get the news that Chillingworth will be the Ships Doctor! Oh Chillingworth and always being one step ahead of the game it just kills me! This is definitely fiction because back in the true days of the Puritans I don't think that Chillingworth would be so on the ball when it came to the happenings of Hester's life. Chillingworth is so focused on getting Dimmsdale to confess and it is just eating away at him to get it to happen with out himself being found out that he is in fact Hester's husband. I don't even believe that he is a true doctor. "she beheld old Roger Chillingworth himself, standing in the remotest corner of the market-place and smiling at her"

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