Comeback from the woods

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As I listen to the POD Cast 6 I would never have thought about Young Goodman Brown compared to Dimmsdale one going into the wood and one coming out of the woods.  We also hear of Pearls reluctance to want her mom without her "A" and washes off the kiss of Dimmsdale.  As Dimmsdale comes out of the woods and meets the old lady that knows he's lying but lets him go on and anyway, I was thinking about the meeting of the two and wonder if some of the townspeople are figuring out that he is Pearls father or if they are just concerned of his strange behavior.  "Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge"

Oh how fast Dimmsdale goes from high to low to dead, Oh what a waste. They should have killed off old man Chillingworth.


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