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In Ch 9 of The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorn, he describes a doctor that is out for revenge as compared to the Devil.

"At first, his expression had been calm, meditative, scholar-like.  Now there was something ugly and evil in his face which they had not previously noticed and which grew still the more obvious to sight the oftener they looked upon him."


In Hawthorn's fiction novel he has set an old man to be the long lost dead husband of a woman who fell in love with a priest and had his baby.  The doctor so correctly named Chillingworth has changed his name and is back to seek revenge on his wife, whom I believe he is still married too, and also on the man that has violated her.  All that Hawthorn describes about the look on the doctors face and the "medicine" that he is giving to the priest all lead the reader to believe that until the death of this sinner the doctor will not give up. I think that the doctor has the right to be angry but he needs to realize that it was not intentional and he was presumed dead.


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