If only he trusted in his wife


When asked "And how did she bear it?" the husband, Leslie, responded "Like an angel!" this was the first time that he gave any positive response to what his wife would think of their life's changes that were coming.  As this passage goes on he still questions that his wife doesn't know what is in store for her. My feelings on this are that if he would be as open to his wife as he is to George, his friend, he would know that he can trust that the love he shares with his wife is strong enough to get through the trouble times.  Instead of Leslie just saying to his wife this is something we can get through if we just stick together he panics and thinks of the worse possible outcome.  I think he loves his wife so much that the guilt of it being his fault made him forget that money was not the only reason that she was with him.  I absolutely loved the end of the story when George came to visit and as he and Leslie walked toward the house they could hear Mary singing. This just shows that as long as Mary was with Leslie she was happy with or without money.



I love how this story is such a good example of picture perfect love. It was such a change to see a couple actually survive and come out stronger in the end because I feel like I often see and read about troubled couples and the problems that come. The story also sends a lesson out to everyone as well. As you mentioned, Leslie should have been more open with Mary. This just shows how important it is to be open with the ones you love.

I agree, but this guy is ridiculous, and is story reminds me of Shakespeare's Othello. For cripes sake man, just talk to the woman! If you would get out of your own head for a few minutes and take the risk involved with opening up and finding out what the significant other was thinking, it all would have worked out right from the start. At least tuis fool didn't stab his lady to death in bed.

But again, communication is key.

Agreed, communication is the key to any good relationship, but Leslie also needed to get over the "all about me" attitude. HE was worried He would lose Mary over HIS failings, not giving credit to Mary understanding the situation THEY were in, not the situation HE was in. He made himself out to be the victim.

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