It was a clear, bright morning

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As I am reading Fosters How to Read Literature Like a Professor chapters 8,9,10 I love the way this man gets his point across and makes so much sense. I love the reference to Charles Schulz and Snoopy!

"It's never just rain" isn’t that the truth.  Also as he mentions all the reference to water it made me think of the way that authors sometimes use Mother Nature in their writings such as hurricanes, tornados and weather related issues that involve being trapped in a cabin. I have always enjoyed these kinds of books because there is a suspense factor that draws me in.



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I agree that those types of books are suspensful and enjoyable to read. It is just occuring to me know how much weather adds to literary work. It can create or determine an outcome, cause an event, or set the scene for an entire novel. Weather is such a powerful idea in literature.

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