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Bartleby, the Scrivener

I have decided to write this when I am only half way through because I am bored with the same thing over and over, this could be a story that was told in 10 pages to the 45 that I have read.  Bartleby is asked to do something, go somewhere, help out with proofreading, asked to leave and for all of it he has the same answer "I would prefer not to". Oh my goodness he is getting away with it too because his boss is so taken back by the answer that he doesn't know what to do. Bartleby should be given a quick kick in the butt and told hit the road!

Now as for the title of this entry I want to talk about the other characters in the story Nippers, Turkey and Ginger Nut or Ginger Snap or Ginger Ale for all that matters. You have the old man, the young man and the 12 year old gofer. The main point here is that in a passage on page 11 (in my ipad) it says "Nippers would sometimes impatiently rise from his seat, and stooping over his table, spread his arms wide apart, seize the whole desk, and move it, and jerk it, with a perverse voluntary agent, intent on thwarting and vexing him;" Why do we need to know this?  It does not make any difference to the story for me or the character compared to other parts telling us about his personality and behavior.


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I did finish the story and I agree, it was somewhat boring, but I think the idea about describing the other characters, (Bartleby's co-workers)allows the reader to see just how unaffected Bartleby really is with everything around him as well as maybe stereotyping the characters that work in the office. Just a thought.

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