Oh Goodman Brown is a clown


The story of Young Goodman Brown is probably my least favorite because as I see the story Brown has based his life and his fears off of a detailed dream that we must endure reading about.  Brown seems to have a fascination with the evil he fears and he is so fixed on it that he dreams of it. In the vivid tale of the night in the woods in his mind he sees not only the town’s people but his own wife and begs her to "look up to heaven, and resist the wicked one."  The true character of Brown is apparent by the way he treats his wife when she rushes to see him, he is cold to her and "passed on without a greeting".  If Brown would only see his wife Faith instead of the “Faith” from his dream of the night in the woods.   This is when he was changed forever.  Faith has dreams too but it is never evident if she bases her life off of them like her husband.  I also see Brown as a coward for someone that is willingly going into the woods at night for a reason we don't really know, when others come along the path he hides and wants to go home until Faith appears in the woods with the others then he wants to save her, and this is all a dream.  But in real life when he has his change to still have faith in Faith he can't get over the dream.


If it's true that it was just a dream, then Brown does seem to be cold to his wife for no good reason, at least by 21stC standards. But Hawthorne does offer an alternate interpretation.

I appreciate and understand you interpretation of Goodman Brown's evening, however, we can't be sure that it actually was a dream. Yes, if it were only a dream then I would agree with mostly everything you stated, but I am more leaning towards the events actually being reality. In that case, if I were Goodman Brown, I wouldn't be to fond of my wife either.

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