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I just read Chapter VII. Spirit by Emerson and I have to conclude that this by far is the most confusing of the readings so far. As Emerson compares nature, "Like the figure of Jesus, she stands with bended head, and hands folded upon the breast." I can picture this surreal being that is not understood looking down to watch over all that God has given us, almost like his right hand woman. But as the chapter concludes it states in verbiage something that I can relate to a little better that is "we are as much strangers in nature, as we are aliens from God" We think that because we can see, touch, hear, smell, or taste something that it is there but how much more is overlook because we are only using these senses?


Good, I'm glad Emerson's concrete images and precise metaphors make you think and rethink about the ideas he presents. Emerson is indeed a challenging read, but generations of writers were also inspired (or even annoyed) by his ideas.

Absolutely. This gets into a huge philosophical debate about what is real, how can we know that we know, what is knowledge. Are there more colors than we can see?

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