Huck's Moral Growth

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Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Hurt explores the idea that Huck has "moral growth" in chapters 16 and 31

It states the facts surrounding Huck's actions and feeling when it comes to Jim.  It refers also to the relevance of the first chapter where Huck proclaimed he would go to the bad place as reflected in a passage where Huck states "All right, then, I'll go to hell" when he is taking responsibility for Jim.

One part of the article states a fact that I never thought of that goes with the idea we discussed in class that Jim was bad luck for Huck. The article states that when Jim and Huck get separated and Huck ends up at the Granderfords' that you never read that Huck thinks about Jim but you find out later that Jim is watching over Huck the whole time.   


Huck is internally being pulled in so many directions because Jim has helped him in so many ways but back in that time he was taught that Jim was just like any other slave and the he was doing wrong by not telling on him.  Huck is trying so hard to do the right thing that when he is off by himself he doesn't have to think about anything except the moment he is in. 



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The Explicator specializes in publishing very short studies that explore a very specific passage in a literary work, usually by pointing to an obscure or confusing reference in a literary passage, and then bringing in a few sources that suggest what the passage might mean. This article offers an interesting examination of the change in Huck.

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