All you needed was the Bible and Shakespeare


In the reading of William Shakespeare and the American People I was surprised that the main entertainment in those days was Shakespeare.  In one part of the reading a quote from a German visitor Karl Knortz

There is, assuredly, no other country on the face of this earth in which Shakespeare and the Bible are held in such general high esteem as in America, […]

From reading this I learned that there were so many different ways that people then spent time together reading.  Shakespeare was more popular in America that in Europe, the original setting for the plays.  To be able to put the Bible on the same importance as Shakespeare says to me that it was very highly regarded in the fact that life had meaning in not just the biblical sense but also in the way that these plays were written.


I think another thing to think about is all that we have now and all that we have become. In an age where we text each other in the same house, a lot of the togetherness of the family has been replaced with technology and infected with the need for one's own personal space. With the laptop, iPad, iPod, and other inventions where we can close ourselves off from the outside world, it becomes harder and harder to get that family bonding time they had before these things (or curses?) were invented. Sad but true, these devices, the divorce rate, and the economic times of today are making family time an obsolete value.

I can't even imagine how popular Shakespeare must have been to be set on the same level as the bible. It makes me think about how different life would be if Shakespeare were still the ultimate form of entertainment. I just went to see "Jackass 3D" last weekend and soon i'll be seeing the final installment of the "Saw" series... I can't even imagine going to see a Shakespeare play or parody instead.

It makes you wonder what today's entertainment will be thought of 100 years from now. But I still think there's nothing like a good book to read,except Shakespeare wouldn't be my choice.

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